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Production Roles

In addition to Actors and a Director, a typical play needs the following:

Production Manager

- whose responsibility it is to ensure that all sections of the production are running smoothly and to schedule.

Set Designer

- who designs the staging for the show providing the artistic setting within the confines of the stage and works out how to provide any practical gadgets required for the production.

Set Builders

- (the more the merrier) are needed to create artistic designs in wood or metal with the use of power tools whilst maintaining a full set of digits.

Scenic Painters

- (and ordinary Painters) are always in great demand as we spend a lot of time painting and repainting sets and are always on the look out for anyone with the talent to bring a 3D effect to an ordinary flat.

Lighting Designer

- whom, after close consultation with the director and the rest of the production team, must create the required mood and atmosphere appropriate to the show through the clever use of lighting design, rigging and programming of the lighting desk.

Sound Designer

- is responsible for producing the required sound effects for the show as per requested by the Director.  They are also required to balance the sound in the auditorium and select appropriate equipment where and when required.

Lighting Technicians & Sound Technicians

- who run these aspects of the show under the guidance of the stage manager.

Stage Manager

- who is in charge backstage and responsible for the smooth running of the production from the get-in through to the get out, including the shows themselves.  Depending upon the show, and members availability, the SM sometimes has the luxury of the assistance of a Deputy and/or Assistant Stage Manager.

Stage Crew

- who burst into action at appropriate times during the performance to quietly reset scenery and make sure the furniture is on it's mark before each scene starts.

Wardrobe Designer

- who will design the costumes to fit the period and the (strange shaped) actors and somehow produce the finished item by modifying or making from scratch.  A strong Wardrobe Team is also required to assist and aid in the creating, adjusting and mending of costumes. Some productions also require the team to assist with quick costume changes.

Props (Properties)

- person whose duties entail sourcing or making the appropriate props required for the production and ensuring that the said props are at the correct place at the correct time during the run of the show.  Depending on the production this may require more than one person.

Prompt (Continuity)

- can be an actor's lifeline in the rare event of them drying during a performance.  The Prompt is required to attend the latter rehearsals and all performances.

Front of House Staff

- of which we require a Box Office Manager and a Front of House Manager along with a minimum of 2 further staff per performance.  These are our direct contact with our audiences and therefore play a vitally important role.  They are required to meet and greet, show audiences to their seats, sell programmes and generally look after the audience's safety.  For our Church Hill Theatre Shows, FOH staff are required to be accredited and must attend a 1 hour briefing run by the council.  For our Fringe performances all are welcome, especially as our FOH staff is required to prepare and serve our refreshments (no training necessary)!

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